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Hello!  Welcome to Home-based Chef

On the site you will find quick, simple and easy to prepare recipes that you can explore.
To help you on your cooking journey, each recipe has a detailed description and step-by-step instructions.  Many recipes also include a video tutorial, so you can watch the entire process before you get started.

Meet G

G was born and raised in Laguna, Philippines.  She has always been a foodie and loved to cook since her teenage years. She eats almost anything - Filipino, American, Mexican, Italian, Korean, but her most favorite is Japanese food. For her, it was always a joy preparing delicious and experimental food for her family and friends. And because of that, she created Home-based Chef (HBC). All the recipes found on this site have been created by her.


Meet Mr. HBC

Mr. HBC has been working on Home-based Chef with G since day 1, serving as food taster, financer, photographer, editor, and films all of their YouTube videos. Mr. HBC works on filming and shooting the recipes with G on weekends and edits the food videos during his free time from his day job. HBC is one of the many projects G and Mr. HBC collaborates on and hopes to create a wide variety of recipes for you to explore.


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