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Savory Shrimp with Vegetables

Do you know the feeling that you're just too busy and so tired from the day's work and you're tempted to dial that phone for some fastfood delivery??? That's exactly how I felt earlier. But then the thought of having a husband coming home from work who's looking forward to eat some home-cooked food just made me got up from my work chair and did my thing in the kitchen.

Initially, I just wanted to quickly cook these prawns in butter. But then I thought of putting some peas in it, seasoned with salt, crushed pepper, and spanish paprika. Looked at it, it's not that appealing. So I sliced a tomato and sprinkled some dried basil leaves (I love that combo, btw). I tasted it, something's lacking. Oh, I didn't put any garlic (and the rest of the "standard" spices in it) so I grabbed some garlic powder, sliced half white onion, a red chili, and dashed a little bit of oyster sauce. And voila! Savory shrimp with veggies for dinner! I love how I'm so comfortable with cooking that I can be so spontaneous doing it. No measurements, this time. Just followed my heart ;-)

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