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Healthy eating, healthy living

Last December, I suffered from severe abdominal pain and was diagnosed that I have 2 gallstones and 1 kidney stones. To keep my gall bladder silent and calm, I need to stay away from fatty food - chicken skin, beef and pork fat, dairy producta with fat content, all food cooked in/with oil. For a foodie like me, it sounded too restricting. But I thought I need to transition myself asap as I choose to avoid surgical removal of the gallstones.

For the past few weeks, I've been strictly following a non-fat diet. I'm sharing some photos of some of what I eat below. 

These are fruit and vegetable salad dinner meals that I prepared in advance.

This is scrambled egg & mixed veggies (potatoes, beans, onions, red bell pepper) with sour cream dressing in tortilla wrap.

This is pan-grilled chicken, cabbage & onions with sour cream dressing in a tortilla wrap.

Every morning, before meal, I drink a glass of apple juice with 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar.

For late night snack, I munch on garlic toast and non-fat milk.

I'm also going to be sharing you healthy and easy recipes from now on. And I am also going to be active on this blog real soon... please support me :-)

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