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Chicken Teriyaki Bento

We decided that this weekend, I'll cook something Japanese. We we're able to buy prawns, chicken, ramen noodles, miso paste and other Japanese ingredients. Today, I cooked Chicken Teriyaki Bento. 


Teriyaki sauce
Japanese mayonnaise
Shallots (red onion)
Miso paste


Cook rice as usual. We bought Japanese rice but hubby forgot about it and cooked the Sinandomeng one. We don't waste food so we didn't mind. :-D

Prepare the chicken by marinating it in teriyaki sauce for 30 minutes. 

Pre-heat oven or grill. A dear friend gave us an electric oven with griller on top as a wedding gift, which I used for this dish. I first intended to just grill the chicken. But in the process, I noticed that the skin will get burned while the meat is uncooked. So I opted to transfer it to the oven instead and cooked for 35 minutes. You'll notice the extra fat coming out of the chicken. When you see that the chicken is getting dry, brush on some marinade.

Prepare the side dish. Slice tomatoes and set aside. Slice the cabbage and shallots into thin strips. Add Japanese mayonnaise and a little sugar. Mix and then chill in the refrigerator.

Prepare the miso soup. Ok ok, I admit I can't read Japanese characters (yet) that's why the little note sticked to the miso paste package was very helpful. So basically you dilute the miso paste in hot water. Add more until it suits your taste. Add chopped cabbage and cook until tender. (I had a miso soup in Umenoya and it has clams in it. Yummy.)

Lastly, assemble everything in bento box, except for the miso soup, of course. (You may want to add fruits like a slice of pineapple or a salad maybe.)

I'll cook Ebi Tempura in Ramen two days from now so it's something to watch out for. But for now, Itadakimasu!


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